Bonita Children Activity 

The spirit of compassion is always fiery here at SMEAG, and our students embody this blaze. And as true advocates of benevolence, the academy and its division created an activity for the kids at Bonita Home.

Bonita Home shelters children who were abandoned by their parents at a tender age and the youth who are very much in need of financial support in their academic endeavors.

Through this heartfelt activity, SMEAG students are able to enter a whole new world of opportunity to touch and change the lives of children.

*Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their time and service.

Bazaar Activity 

This activity is a fun and interactive way for students to engage with the locals. SMEAG students are invited to sell their clothes, stuff, or products that they no longer use to townsfolk at very affordable prices. The proceeds produced from this event will be given to people who are in need of monetary support like children confined in hospitals or those who are affected by natural calamities.

Games for the youngsters are then played and participated by the students after the bazaar. The program is concluded with a pizza party for everyone to enjoy.

*Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their time and service.

School Painting Activity 

Education is a treasure that everyone deserves a piece of. Unfortunately, such jewel is often compromised because of the inadequacy of space and environment conducive for learning. A lot of public school buildings in Cebu have already worn out and are in need of repairs. SMEAG, a scholastic institution itself, sincerely understands the need for change and reformation.

For this reason, the academy and its students team up with local schools and their constituents to improve the buildings and infrastructures of these educational locations in hopes to create beautiful surroundings for the Filipino students.

This activity lets SMEAG students immerse and connect well with younger students while allowing their creativity run through painting.

*Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their time and service.

Mangrove Planting Activity 

Mangroves aid in maintaining the ocean’s beautiful state by filtering pollutants and trapping land debris. They also serve as nursery areas for some fish and other invertebrates. That is why it is essential to generate more of such ecosystem in shorelines, but with the modernization of some site where mangroves grow, their number is gradually depleting.

SMEAG has been leading a challenge to help these forests recover from the damages by advocating a mangrove planting activity together with its students. Through this initiative, students can also expose themselves more to the kind of environment Philippines has especially when it comes to its marine diversity.

*Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their time and service.