Island Hopping 

Hop your way across the sea from one island to another and experience travel like no other. Swim in the vast ocean and get a chance to see some of the marine treasures like the beautiful corals and thousands of tropical fish.

Also, satisfy your appetite with the delicious seafood served at the seafood restaurant. Finally, fuel your need for adrenaline rush by trying some fun marine activities like jet skiing, banana boat, kayaking, and parasailing.

Scuba Diving 

Take advantage of the country’s tropical jewels by going in deep. Learn the basic techniques of scuba diving courtesy of a licensed diver in the field. After the seminar, you will then get to submerge a few meters underwater with your suit and gears.

This experience will equip you with skills that you will surely use in your future marine adventures.

Bohol Day Tour 

Taste the sweet sight of Mother Earth’s Chocolate Hills and meet some rare furry friends known as the tarsiers. Dine at the floating restaurant while you munch on some delicious food and enjoying the view of the island.

Before leaving, make sure to drop by at the souvenir shop and purchase some to materialize your memories in Bohol.

Oslob Whale Shark 

Do not be fooled by the whale shark’s size in Oslob, this fish – yes, it is a fish, the largest one to be exact – will welcome you with its friendly personality. Of course, strict observance of safety measures must be implemented.

This is an unparalleled opportunity, better capture it before it swims away.

Cebu City Tour 

Though Cebu City is a rapidly growing economy, it still offers breathtaking heritage and cultural sites for you to explore. Be in awe with the amazing modern and classic architecture the city welcomes you with.

By the end of the tour, you will surely find out why Cebu is dubbed as the Queen City of South.